A Closer Look at Home Care Services


Often, people do not receive the care and treatment services they require simply because they lack an awareness of the options at their disposal. We at Help & Help Homecare, your trusty provider of home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut, strive to address this gap because we are well aware of how imperative these services are to people’s health and wellness.

Hoping to raise awareness of services like ours, allow us to answer frequently asked questions that our home care agency gets:

  • What Is Home Care, Exactly?
    Home care encompasses a wide range of services that enable your loved ones to optimize their safety and comfort in their homes. Its many goals include: assisting care recipients in becoming self-sufficient, preserving or enhancing their level of function, and delaying any decline in their health conditions.
  • Who Is Eligible for These Services?
    Home care services enable those recovering from a disease, surgery, or injury to be cared for at home. While it applies to people of all ages, it is especially beneficial to seniors. It can be adapted to one’s specific needs, whether they require short-term nursing services or other means of assistance.
  • What Does Home Care Entail?
    Home care providers like us do everything we can to offer valued clients all-around care. To be more specific, you can stay on top of your hygiene and grooming needs through personal care services, whereas you can boost your social interactions and engagements via companionship services. These are only two of the many components of home care.

Should you be on the lookout for professional caregivers in Connecticut, we are the ones to call!

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