Busting Common Misconceptions about Home Care


Many are hesitant to seek home care services due to the many myths they have heard from who knows where. This is alarming because people may not be getting the appropriate care they require as a result. That’s where we at Help & Help Homecare, a tried-and-true provider of home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut, can help!

Here, we not only put our best efforts into providing family oriented home care services. We also do what we can to make dependable information accessible to everyone who needs it. As such, here are some of the most common misconceptions about home care, along with the truth behind them:

  • Home Care Is Only For The Seriously Ill.
    While home care can be invaluable for people with serious medical conditions, it can also assist with activities of daily living for those who are otherwise healthy yet require additional support at home. These may include meal preparation, running errands, and many more.
  • Only the Elderly Can Receive Home Care.
    Home care is for people of varying ages who are dealing with a range of health issues. It’s often adaptable so that they are provided with services that meet their specific circumstances.
  • Home Care Is of Poor Quality Compared to Care Provided in Hospitals and Facilities.
    Accredited and certified home care organizations are guaranteed to provide trustworthy and high-quality care. With us, for instance, you can access professional caregivers in Connecticut who are equipped with extensive knowledge and skills to aid you or your loved ones.

If you have questions about us and our range of services, such as companionship services, feel free to reach us anytime!

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