Reasons for Loneliness in Senior Age


Many seniors are cheerful and generally happy. They can do many things after retirement, like traveling, engaging in activities, socializing, etc. But many factors may make them unhappy.

  • Loss of a loved one
    Seniors’ grieving coping process takes longer after losing loved ones like spouses or friends. It can be hard for them to handle the pain. Some may not even eat or go out, causing a depressing feeling and malnutrition. 
  • Living alone
    Many seniors live far away from children and relatives. It could be dull and saddening with no one is around to talk to or bond with. Companionship can appease them when they get sentimental.
  • Change in living arrangements
    Transferring to a residential facility or moving out from home can bring sadness to seniors. They might want to age in place and receive care assistance at home, but vulnerable as they are, they must not be left alone. And once they arrive at a new residence, they get heartbroken from leaving the home they stayed in for years. Getting family oriented home care services can be a solution to this concern.
  • Losing independence due to health problems
    Independence is very important to many seniors. It gives them a sense of dignity and pride. But it can be draining, frustrating, and upsetting to deal with chronic pain or a physical malady. Professional caregivers in Connecticut can help them with health maintenance.

With home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut, your seniors never need to feel alone. We aspire to provide family-oriented home care services to prevent loneliness and disconnection from love. There are people to care for them and accompany them through the course of life. Call Help & Help Homecare at 860-752-2379 or 860-712-6467 for inquiries about our services.

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