The Illnesses You Can Get from Unhygienic Practices


Many older adults witness a decline in their sight, taste, hearing, and smelling capabilities due to age. Many of them also experience the effects of dementia, making them unaware of their physical well-being and requiring home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut.

That said, some seniors fail to observe proper hygiene and need the help of professional caregivers in Connecticut. Otherwise, they will get prone to the following health problems related to unhygienic practices:

  • Gastroenteritis
    Poor hygiene and cross-contamination result in bacterial gastroenteritis. If you don’t wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use dirty utensils before meal preparation and eating, you could acquire toxins or bacteria.
  • Skin diseases
    Failure to wash the body causes a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin. This could trigger and intensify conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis and increase the risks of contracting a fungal infection.
  • Tooth decay
    Improper oral health practice causes gum and tooth problems. Failure to brush teeth regularly can cause bad breath, plaque buildup, or tooth decay.

As a home care agency, we promote proper self-care and educate seniors and their families to avoid spreading infections and other disease-causing elements at home. We at Help & Help Homecare are here to work closely with them and their medical team to develop a home care plan tailor-fitted to their needs.

Are you in need of companionship services too? Call us at 860-890-5112 or 860-712-6467.

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