The Importance of Companionship for Seniors


Today, many older adults prefer to age in place, although due to the misconceptions surrounding home care, some of them and their family members may be discouraged. However, living independently presents many challenges as they age. This is why relying on home care services like companionship help families look after their senior loved one’s needs and ensure their social needs are met.

As a trusted provider of home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut, we will discuss the importance of companionship for older adults:

  • Maintains active lifestyle
    An older adult with a companion is more likely to stay mobile and active. A companion can provide both physical and moral support to encourage seniors to go outside for a walk or perform daily movements indoors. There is also a lesser risk of slips and falls when they have a helping hand.
  • Provides practical assistance with ADLs
    A home care agency can help seniors with activities of daily living (ADLs). A companion can provide a supportive arm and guidance to help seniors move around their homes. They can also assist with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, and light housekeeping tasks like meal preparation.
  • Offers emotional support and friendship
    Companionship also offers friendship and social support to seniors, which lessens the likelihood of seniors to feel socially isolated or lonely. The connection a senior shares with a companion brings comfort, and a sense of purpose and belonging in life.

We at Help & Help Homecare specialize in nonmedical home care services. Our professional caregivers in Connecticut are trained to provide compassionate care and support to clients who are homebound due to a health condition, disability, or advanced age. Give us a call to arrange our companionship services.

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