Things to Do to Maintain Good Health


We all know how aging brings about changes in people’s lives. Although not everyone will get them, many people will develop at least one disease in their lifetime, especially in seniorhood, where they become more vulnerable to illnesses and other factors that may weaken the body – needing home health aide services in the long run.

As providers of home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut, we recommend seniors do the following to stay in shape:

  • Healthy diet
    Having a healthy diet consisting of low-fat fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your brain. Eat right and maintain a healthy weight. Professional caregivers in Connecticut can prepare hearty meals for the elders.
  • Alcohol and smoking cessation
    Too much alcohol and cigarette smoking are factors in developing illnesses or can worsen health conditions. These can put seniors at risk of heart ailments, liver diseases, cancer, and more. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long have you been using alcohol and tobacco. As long as you quit, it will improve your health at any time.
  • Exercise
    Staying idle is not healthy for senior citizens. Mobility is good for the improvement of bones and joints. It delays health concerns and keeps them healthy. Going outdoors for a stroll with a companion may also help them relax and breathe fresh air.
  • Regular check-ups
    Visit your doctor for annual check-ups and monitoring to discover or control any health condition. Our agency can provide seniors with transportation services to their appointments.

There is no need to worry about accompaniment while keeping yourself in shape. Help & Help Homecare will be with you along the way. Try our companionship service now! Call 860-752-2379 or 860-712-6467 for more details.

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