Ways to Fall-Proof a Senior’s Home

According to the CDC, there are thirty-six million falls reported among the elderly each year, and this accounts for at least thirty-two thousand deaths. If you have an elderly loved one, ensure you get them the right companionship and help they need to help prevent severe injuries from falls. Check out these tips below to help you fall-proof your elderly loved one’s home.

  • Keep the Areas Clean and Tidy
    If you ask one vital tip from professional caregivers in Connecticut about fall-proofing your home, they will tell you it is essential to keep their area tidy and clean. Remember that anything littering the floor or their surroundings can cause them to trip and fall.
  • Make Sure to Secure Everything
    If you are helping your elderly loved ones with light housekeeping, make sure you secure every loose thing you see. From carpets, cabinet doors, and floorboards to stair railings, it’s crucial to secure them tightly so that your loved ones do not trip on them when they come across them.
  • Install Non-Slip Floor Mats
    Bathrooms can be slippery after baths, and kitchens can be slippery from food spills. Make sure to put in some anti-slip floor mats where it’s possible for water to accumulate so your loved ones don’t slip and fall. So on your next meal preparation and grocery shopping time, sneak in some of these mats.

Having someone accompany your loved ones is also essential. If you have less time to stay with them due to your busy schedule, you can always contact us at Help & Help Homecare for companionship or home care services in East Hartford, Connecticut.

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